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Ibiza is the english site for the platform for real estate on Ibiza. On this site you will find luxurious villas with infinity pools, dreamlike penthouses with roof-terraces, wonderful country houses among pine wood hills that make out most of the islands landscape. Stunning white villages and marvelous white fincas, country houses, hence the name la isla blanca, the white island. It´s time to relax, to let go of stress. The unique island group of the Pitiusas, meaning pine-tree islands, Ibiza and Formentera are known to the entire world. Let´s take the north, known for it´s outstanding tranquillity. There, luxurious villas with infinity pools and sea-views are very much sought after. Famous people like Nicky Lauda or the Rolling Stones for example are in love with the Ibiza. Just listen to the sound of the sea-breeze caressing the pine-needles, it makes you let go of every stress factor. The east-coast, belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia boasts numerous bays with every now and then an original country house by the sea. Golden sand beaches aren´t an exception. Beach bars in original style invite to enjoy a drink overlooking the enthralling sight of the blue sea. The locals are very friendly. Tolerance, live and let live is the philosophy. Hippies and non hippies, young and old. Everything mixes in a harmonic manner. Here are the hippy markets, two of them and more. Punta Arabi, arabic point. The other hippy market is situated in an original country house, where one can try the hierbas, a typical herb-based-liquor. Have you heard of the Vedra rock in the sea, located on the west-coast of the island. Its mysterious and vast proportions reach for the sky. Thereafter we climb the pirate-tower of the 17. century and are launched into forgotten times. From there we get panoramic views, now absorbed by endless blue tones. Luxurious houses on this coast have these views. However there are other island groups that light up in the setting sun. Have a look at Café del Mar, where the chill-out music comes from. Close to the capital town Ibiza, carrying the same name, we head for Porroig, over Cala Yondal, where the beach bar Blue Marlin is, with live music and famous people. Luxurious estates are very demanded here. Then we carry on for a bit to reach the south, driving along colorful meadows where fig and almond trees decorate the landscape above flowerbeds. This is also where the night-life is, notwithstanding it´s spread over the island. The stylish villas near the saltflats, salinas are breathtaking. In short, it´s impossible to describe the island on such short space. Once you´re trapped by the beauty of the island , it will never let you go! Ibiza properties offers luxury housing on the island of Ibiza. On this site you are to find preselected estates because of their locations and prime quality furnishings what makes them contrast with the broad mass. Your search has come to an end. This is where you will find first class housing in the best locations of the island, ranging from villas in first sea line to historical country estates. The magnificent white luxury villas with infinity pools along some of the coast are stunning. And here you will find some of the top selected luxurious properties. The selected properties on meet upscale and high end standards., finally Ibiza, finally home.